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Timberline Fasteners’ target retail customers include:

  • Hardware
  • Lumberyard
  • Building
  • Farm Supply
  • Pro Dealer

Timberline Fasteners has developed a merchandising system and product mix that is specifically suited for the:

  • professional,
  • contractor,
  • homebuilder,
  • remodeler,
  • serious dIY-er

The program, unlike any of its competitors, accommodates both the desired product and desirable purchased format for the more serious and demanding project quantity buyer.

Markets Served

Timberline serves the following regions: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, and Kansas


Timberline Fasteners’ merchandising program is designed for lumberyards and building material dealers. The program prominently positions boxes of every item carried, the preferred package for building professionals, and facilitates adequate project quantities, for all items. Every individual SKU is given a specific ‘fronting’ to accommodate the maximum model stock of this item. Not a ‘one-bin-fits-all’ approach. Additionally, the merchandisers accommodate the entire inventory requirement, with no back-stock and no up-stock. All merchandised product in the store is accessible and available for sale. Most importantly, boxes are obviously, conspicuously and economically available for sale and ‘eaches’ can still be purchased for any item in the set.

  • POP signage is distinctive, informative, and accurate. Merchandising system keeps product organized and neat.
  • Shelf pricing labels clearly communicate each and box prices and include product graphics.
  • Program accommodated full boxes of every item carried - the preferred package for project purchases, professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers.
  • Bags and bag writing stations are convenient - customers are never more than 6′ away.
  • The most complete and competitive construction screw and anchor program in the retail fastener business.


Timberline Fasteners’ product packaging combines attractive graphics with effective color coding and informative labeling. Products are color coded by product type, and further distinguished by application – like wood-to-wood, wood-to-metal and metal-to-metal fastening. For products requiring additional fasteners or drilling, like anchors, drill size, hole-depth, fastener size and simple installation instructions are all clearly indicated on the package label.

Project Support

Timberline Fasteners’ recognizes that some of the most significant sales opportunities with the home-builders, contractors and professional customers are for bulk project or job-site quantity purchases. Every item available for sale on the fastener aisle is also available in keg or even pallet quantities, for next day delivery. Timberline’s inside sales team works with your contractor salespeople to provide comprehensive technical support and complete product support for every threaded, mechanical or adhesive fastening requirement your customer desires, without burdening you with any of the inventory management and carrying costs.


Timberline’s POP signage is designed to quickly and conveniently direct customers to the appropriate product category. Category signage is color coordinated with product boxes, labels and shelf labeling. Within specific product categories, like anchors, construction screws and Good-Better-Best deck programs, product and application specific signage clearly identifies product use and additional fastener and hardware requirements. Sign and product information POP is consistently color-coded to match package and labeling colors to reinforce the category identification.

Specialty Fasteners

Timberline’s Quick Drawer® specialty program includes comprehensive assortments of all of the most popular specialty items; designed to satisfy broad fastener requests with responsibly managed inventory levels.

Specialty Fasteners

Vendor Managed Inventory

Timberline Fasteners’ VMI scanner system incorporates inventory management functions substantially more capable than what’s typically found in VMI systems. The Timberline Fasteners solution is a mathematical inventory management model that combined with the service representative’s experience and understanding of products and usage, produces exceptional in-stock and inventory performance.

Same Day Shipping

Product ordered by 2:00 PM is filled the same day and delivered on a Timberline Fasteners truck or by third party LTL or FedEx (excluding weekends).

Non-Standard Fasteners

Timberline Fasteners has committed one department to sourcing specials or non-standard products. Our most experienced sales and purchasing personnel stand ready to help you and your customers with application options, engineering assistance, quotations and samples. With an engineering drawing, sample or application description, they’re ready to send your request around the world in search of the most qualified and competitive source of supply.

As a result of Timberline’s ongoing business relationships with major national and international manufacturers, we are able to contract specials directly with the most competitive manufacturers, and combine your products with shipments we are already receiving. A capability very few of our competitors can offer.